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Upon Entering the Masjid and Leaving it

Upon Entering the Masjid and Leaving it (68)
Upon entrance to the Masjid, The Messenger of Allah would say Bismill„h, 'all„humma salli `al„ muhammad(82),
and upon leaving he would say Bismill„h, 'all„humma salli `al„ muhammad,

(82) In The Name of Allah. O' my 'il„h bestow grace, and peace upon Muhammad.


Al-Alb„ni said that this was a comely hadeeth reported by Ibn As-Sunni (#86) with a chain of ascription that was said to be weak by Al-hafith Ibn Hajar in Takhreej 'al-'Adhk„r; however, the hadeeth has testimonial F„timah's hadeeth reported by Ibn As-Sunni, and At-Tirmithi who said it was comely. Al-Alb„ni included this hadeeth in The Authentic of Good Sayings as #48.

Upon Entering the Masjid and Leaving it (69)
About the Messenger of Allah , he said: "When one of you enters the Masjid let him petition salam upon the Prophet , and let him say: 'All„humma 'iftahlee 'abw„ba rahmatika(83 ),
and upon leaving let him say: 'All„humma 'innee 'as'aluka min fadhlika(84)."
In one narration he added: And petition sal„m upon the Messenger when leaving.

(83) 0 my 'il„h open for me the gates of your mercy.
(84 ) O' my 'il„h I ask You of your benevolence.


Ibn Taymiya said this hadeeth was sound, and that Muslim reported it with nearly the same wording. Al-Albani clarified that this wording is that of Abu Dawood, as well as that of Abu `Uw„nah in his Saheeh except that Abu 'Uw„nah's report added "and making tasleem when going out''. Al-Albani included this hadeeth in his Saheeh 'Abi D„wood and in his The Authentic of Good Sayings as#49

Upon Entering the Masjid and Leaving it (70)
The Prophet was such that if he entered the Masjid he would say: A`outhu bil-l„hi `atheemi, wa bi-wajhihil-kareemi, wa bi-sult„nihil-qadeemi min 'ash-shayt„nir rajeemi(85).
He said: "For when he would say that, the shayt„n would say: He has been protected from me for the remainder of his day".

(85) I seek protection or refuge in Allah The Magnificent, in his Noble Face, and in his ancient dominion, from the despicable shayt„n".


Reported by Abu Dawood. Al-Alb„ni said that its ascription was sound, that it was in his Saheeh 'Abi D„wood as #485, and that An-Nawawi, and Ibn Hajar thought it to be comely. It is #50 in The Authentic of Good Sayings.

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