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Opening Supplications in Salat

Opening Supplications in Salat (73)
When the Messenger of Allah would start his Salăt he would be silent for a moment before beginning to recite. So Abu Hurayrata said: O' Messenger of Allah! With my father, and my mother [I would sacrifice them for you], you know your silence between the takheer and the recitation, what are you saying [during it]? He said: I say: 'Allăhumma bă`id baynee wa bayna khatăyăya kamă bă`adta bayna 'almashriqi wal-maghribi, 'allăhumma naqqinee min khatayăyă kamă yunaqqă 'ath-thawbul 'abyadhu min 'addanasi, 'allăhumma 'ighsilnee min khatăyăya bith-thalji wal-mă'i wal-baradi(88)

(88) O' my 'ilăh make distance between myself and my wrong-doings as You have made distance between the East and the West, O' my 'ilah purify me of my wrong-doings as a white garment is purified of dirt, O' my 'ilăh wash me of my wrong-doings with snow, water, and hail.


Agreed upon by Bukhari and Muslim, and Al-Albăni included this hadeeth in The Authentic of Good Sayings as #61.

Opening Supplications in Salat (74)
It is reported by way of Jubair bin Mut'im that he saw the Messenger of Allah praying a prayer, he said: 'Allăhu 'akbaru kabeeran, wal-hamdu lil-lăhi katheeran, wa subhăna 'allăhi bukratan-wa 'aseelan (thrice)
'A `outhu bil-lăhi min 'ash-shaytănir-rajeemi, min naphkhihi, wa nafthihi, wa hamzihi

(89) Allah is greater very great, all praise be to Allah many times, subhdna 'allăh early in the morning and of an evening ['Asr to Maghrib time]. I seek protection in Allah from the despicable Shaytăn, from his instigation of pride, his erotic verses [poetry], and from his diabolical possession [madness].


Reported by Abu Dawood, and Al-Albani said it was sound, and that it had many testimonials (supporting ahadeeth) whose reporters he traced in his Al-Manăr (#335). This hadeeth is #62 in The Authentic of Good Sayings

Opening Supplications in Salat (75)
It is reported by way of 'A'ishata, Abi Sa'eed, and others: That when the Prophet would start his salăt he would say: Subhănaka 'allăhumma wa bihamdika, wa tabăraka 'ismuka, wa ta`ălă jadduka, wa lă 'ilăha ghayruka(90)

(90) I honor Allah from all things unsuitable to Him and I am in celebration of his Praise, blessed is your Name, Exalted is your Greatness, and there is no 'ilăh besides You.


Reported by At-Tirmithi, Abu Dawood, An-Nisă'ee, and Ibn Majah. Al-Albăni showed it to be sound in his Al-Manăr (#334). Al-Albani included this hadeeth in The Authentic of Good Sayings as #63.

Opening Supplications in Salat (76)
It is reported of Umar that he made the Takbeer for starting the prayer then he used it(91) as an opening supplication in his prayer.

(91) The reference here is to the preceding opening supplication.


Reported by Muslim; however, his reported chain of ascription, Al-Albani said, is not continuous. Al-Albani said this hadeeth was of sound ascription as reported by other than Muslim. He also included this hadeeth in The Authentic of Good Sayings as #64.

Opening Supplications in Salat (77)
When the Messenger would stand to the salăt he would say: Wajjahtu wajhiya lil-lathee fatara 'as-samăwăti wal 'ardha haneefan wa mă 'ană minal-mushrikeena, 'inna salătee wa nusukee wa mahyăya wa mamătee lil-lăhi rabbil-ălameena, lă shareeka lahu wa bithalika 'umirto wa 'ană minal-muslimeena, 'allăhumma 'anta 'al-maliku, lă 'ilăha 'illă 'anta, 'anta rabbee wa 'ană `abduka, thalamtu nafsi, wa`taraftu bithambee, faghfirlee thunoobee jamee`an, 'innahu lă yaghfiru 'ath-thunooba 'illa 'anta, wahdinee li'ahsanil-'akhlăqi, lă yahdee li'ahsanihă 'illă 'anta, was-srif `annee sayyi'ahă la yasrifu `annee sayyi'ahă 'illă 'anta, labbayka wa sa`dayka, wal khayru kulluhu fee yadeyka, wash-sharru laysa 'ilayka, 'ană bika wa 'ilayka, tabărakta wa ta`ălayta, 'astaghfiruka wa 'atoobu 'ilayka(92)

(92) I have directed my face to The Creator of the Heavens and Earth, sincerely, and I am not one of those that associate partners [with my Creator], my salăt, my [animal] sacrifice, my living, and my dying are all to Allah the Lord of the Worlds, no partner does He have. With that I have been commanded and I am of the Muslims. O' my 'ilăh You are the King, there is no 'ilăh except You. You are my Lord and I am your bondservant, I have wronged myself and I have confessed of my sin, so forgive me my sins, all of them. None forgives sins except You! Guide me to the best of conduct, for none guides to the best of conduct except You. And push away from me the bad of it for none can push away the bad of it except You. I respond to your call, and I am obedient to your orders, all Good is in your Hands, and the evil is not [a means of getting close] to You, I am by You, and to You, Blessed are Thee and Exalted, I ask your forgiveness and I repent unto You."

Further Explanation: Ibn Taymiya said in Al-Kalim At-Tayyib: "[Know that the belief of the people of truth (hadeeth scholars, jurist, the companions, the tabi'een, and the Muslim scholars that succeeded them): is that all things, the good, and the evil, their benefit, and their harm], are all from Allah The Exalted, and by his will and decree. Therefore, there is a need to restrict the interpretation of the above hadeeth. The scholars have addressed this issue, and one such address, by An-nadr bin Shumail and the Imam's that came after him, is that it means: the evil is not a way of getting close to you. The second is that evil does not rise up to you, but it is the good sayings that ascend. The third is that, in good manners, evil is not ascribed to you, for it is not said: O' Creator of the evil,- even if He is its Creator; just as it is not said O' Creator of the Pigs, even if He is their Creator. The fourth is that it is not evil when its relation to Your Wisdom is considered, for you do not create anything toyfully.


Reported by Muslim, and is #65 in The Authentic of Good Sayings.

Opening Supplications in Salat (78)
When the Messenger of Allah would get up for prayer at night he used to open his salăt wish: 'Allăhumma rabba jibreela, wa michă'eela, wa 'isrăfeela, fatiras-samăwăti wal 'ardhi, `ălimal ghaybi wash-shahadati, 'anta tahkumu bayna `ibădika feemă kănoo feehi yakhtalifoona, 'ihdinee limă khtulifa feehi minal-haqqi bi'ithnika, 'innaka tahdee man tashă'u 'ilă sirătin mustaqeemin(93)

(93) O' my 'ilah Lord of Jibreel, hlichă'eel, and Isrăfeel, Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, Knower of the hidden, and the visible, You decide among your creation in justice in the matters in which they used to differ, guide me rightly to that which has been differed upon of the Truth by your leave, You guide whomever You will to a straight path.


Reported by Muslim, and is #66 in The Authentic of Good Sayings.

Opening Supplications in Salat (79)
Upon getting up to pray in the midst of the night, the Messenger of Allah would say: 'Allăhumma lakal-hamdu, 'anta noorus-samăwăti wal-'ardhi wa man feehinna, walakal-hamdu 'anta qayyămus-samăwăti wal 'ardhi wa man feehinna, walakal-hamdu, 'anta rabbus samăwăi' wal 'ardhi waman feehinna, [walakal-hamdu], 'antal-haqqu, wa wa`dukal-haqqu, wa qawlukal-haqqu, wa liqă'uka haqqun, wal-jannatu haqqun, wan-năru haqqun, wan-nabiyyoona haqqun, wa muhammadun haqqun, wassă`atu haqqun, 'allăhamma laka 'aslamtu wa bika 'ămentu, wa `alayka tawakkaltu, wa 'ilayka 'anabtu, wa bika khăsamtu, wa 'ilayka hăkemtu, faghfirlee mă qaddamtu wa mă 'akh-khartu, wa mă 'asrartu wa ma 'a`lantu, 'anta 'ilăhee, lă 'ilăha 'illă 'anta(94)

(94) O' my 'ilăh to You is all praise, You are The Noor (Light) of the Heavens and Earth and those in them. And to You is all praise You are the one that makes the Heavens, Earth, and those in them run, and to You is all praise. You are the Sustainer of the Heavens and the Earth and those in them, [and to You is all praise,] You are The Truth, your promise is the truth, your Statements are the truth, meeting You is truth, Paradise is truth, Hell-Fire is truth, the prophets are truth, Muhammad is truth, and the Hour is truth. O' my 'ilăh to You I have surrendered, in You I have committed faith, unto You I have entrusted my concerns, to You I have turned in penitence, in your cause I have contended, and to your rules I have governed my affairs. So forgive me that which I have set forth, that which I have delayed, that which I have kept secret, and that which I have made known. You are my 'ilăh, there is no 'ilăh except You.


Agreed upon by Bukhări and Muslim, and Al-Albăni included this hadeeth in The Authentic of Good Sayings as #67.

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Authentic Supplications of the Prophet

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