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When Beast of Burden Stumbles

When Beast of Burden Stumbles (198)
A man reported: I was riding on the same beast of burden as the Prophet , then it stumbled, so I said: May shaytăn stumble (Ta`isa 'ash-shaytănu), so he said: "Do not say Ta`isa 'ash-shaytănu, because when you say that he magnifies himself so much that he would be like the house, and he says: By my strength. Say however: Bismillăhi (217)
because when you say that he belittles himself till he is like the flies."

(217) In the name of Allah


Al-Albăni said that this was reported by Abu Dawood with sound ascription. He pointed out the fact that the companion was unknown does not harm since Ibn As-Sunni reported it with a comely ascription by way of 'Abi 'Al-Maleeh, by way of his father, and that his father was a companion whose name was 'Usămah. He said that so did An-Nisă'ee in Al-Yawm wal-Laila and Ibn Mardawaih in his tafseer. Imăm Ahmad also reported it, he said. Al-Albăni included this hadeeth in The Authentic of Good Sayings as #184.

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